The Best Hospitals for Free Treatment in Mumbai

The Best Hospitals in Mumbai.

Mumbai, the city of dreams in India, is renowned for its hustle and bustle as well as its deep perspectives. A large number of people flock here in search of better medical treatment and services. However, due to various social or economic circumstances, many people feel the pinch of expensive medical treatments. In this unfortunate situation, some hospitals are dedicated to providing free treatment. Let’s discuss some hospitals in Mumbai that offer free treatment.


  1. Tata Memorial Hospital: Known as a prominent cancer institute, located in Parel, Mumbai, this hospital provides free treatment for cancer patients and is recognized as a major center for cancer treatment in India.
  2. Psychiatry Institute of India: For mental health issues, this hospital offers free psychotherapy services. Patients here have access to psychiatric medical care, counseling, and treatment materials.
  3. King Edward Memorial Hospital: This hospital provides free women’s health services, including maternal care and abortion services.
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Hospital: Providing free cardiac-related medical services such as angioplasty, heart surgery, and other related treatments.
  5. B. J. Wadia Hospital: This hospital offers free medical services for children, including treatments for pediatric diseases, child care, and surgical services.


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