Food Festival: La Tomatina, Oktoberfest, Pizzafest: Festivals That Every Foodie Must Attend

La Tomatina Oktoberfest Pizzafest: Festivals That Every Foodie Must Attend Et Online Oct 15 2022

La Tomatina Festival Celebrated Since 1944 La Tomatina Festival Is Held Every Year On The Last Wednesday Of August In The Valencian Town Of Buñol. In This Festival Over 100 Tonnes Of Tomatoes Are Thrown In The Streets For One Hour By 20000 People. Though The Tickets To The Festival Are Free One Has To Register In Advance. Image Source: Ap

Oktoberfest If You Are A Beer Lover Then You Will Love The Oktoberfest Which Is Held In Munich Every Year. This 16-Day Festival Is All About Bicep-Challenging Beer Mugs Fat-Dripping Pork Knuckles Women In Cleavage-Baring Traditional Dresses And Men In Leather Shorts. This World-Famous Food Festival Is Celebrated Between Late September And Early October. Image Source: Ap

Pizzafest Attended By 30000 People Every Year Pizzafest Is The World’S Largest Pizza Festival. With More Than 100000 Varieties Of Pizzas Served This Festival Is Held In September In Italy’S Naples City. Several Pizza-Makers From Across The Globe Compete In This Fest To Create Masterful Pies. Image Source: Ap

Onion Market Also Known As Zibelemarit Onion Market Is A Traditional Folk Festival Which Takes Place On The Fourth Monday Of Every November. Farmers Bring More Than 50 Tonnes Of Onions In Artistically Woven Plaits And Garlic To The Federal Capital Of Switzerland. This One-Day Festival Opens From 6:00 Am To 6:00 Pm. Image Source: Ap

National Cherry Festival Celebrated For 100 Years The National Cherry Festival In Upstate Michigan Is An Eight-Day Event With Over 150 Activities. Held Between Late June And Early July This Annual Festival Is Celebrated To Attract Tourists To View The Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Pancakes Available At The Festival Are A Must-Try Food Item. Image Source: Ap

Bacon Festival Yes You Read It Right! This Festival Celebrated In Sacramento Is Solely Dedicated To Bacon. The Week-Long Festival Is Held In May Every Year And Is Attended By Meat-Loves From Different Parts Of The World. Some Of The Most Popular Dishes At This Food Fest Are Bacon Gelato Bacon Ramen Bacon Salads Etc. Image Source: Ap

Salon Du Chocolat Do You Love Chocolates? If Yes Then The Salon Du Chocolat Is A World-Famous Chocolate Festival Held In Quito Ecuador. Held Between Late October And Early November This Festival Lets You Relish The Taste Of The Finest Chocolates While Watching A Fashion Show With Models Wearing Dresses Made Of Chocolates. Image Source: Ap

Melbourne Food And Wine Festival Who Wouldn’T Like To Indulge In A Glass Of Wine And Delicious Food? The Food And Wine Festival Is Celebrated Annually In Melbourne. Run By Food And Wine Victoria Ltd It Is An Event Held In March Annually Since 1993 To Promote Melbourne And Victoria’S Food And Wine Culture. Image Source: Ap

The Grub Fest The Grub Fest Is The Largest Food Fest Organised In India. Known For Its Wide Variety Of Delicacies This 3-Day Food Festival Is Celebrated In November Every Year In Delhi. If You Are A Foodie Then Bookmark This In Your Itinerary. During This Festival Chefs From Prominent Restaurants Across The Country Come Together To Whip Up Some Magic! Image Source: Ap

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